Dance Blast – Youth Dance Company

Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company Presents The Timekeeper

Running Time: 12 mins

Choreography: Faye Stosser

MYDC is Dance Blast’s flagship youth contemporary dance company. Set up in 2007, MYDC supports and nurtures young, talented dancers in the Monmouthshire area. It provides opportunities for young dancers with an interest in contemporary dance to develop key dance and performance skills. Many go on to study dance at university.

About the piece:

Time is continuous, transient and constant but how we perceive time is subjective to our experiences and emotions. We notice the passage of time in retrospect “how am I already this old?” and our psychological time gets out of sync with physical time. However, time is cold and unbiased, only moving forward, with us experiencing time by experiencing change. Whether we’re running out of time or having all the time in the world; seizing time or wasting time, often we feel happiest when we don’t notice time passing at all.

This piece was created for Dance Blast commissioning project Ignite funded by ACW.  Faye Stoseesr graduated from London Studio Centre in 2015 and went on to join Rambert 2 where she completed her MA.

The Dance Blast Studios are behind the Melville Centre.  For more information  please go to