FESTIVAL DATES: 29th & 30th June 2019


A String ensemble from Amsterdam, Netherlands Classical musicians working together with performing artists.   The Nescio Ensemble is a versatile, flexible and passionate string orchestra

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The Big Skill

The Big Skill cic was set up in 2012 , following two successful Crafts festivals at Penpont in 2010/11. Since then, we have provided free

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Simon Worrall

A successful author and natural story-teller, Simon Worrall was born in Wellington, England in 1951 and spent his childhood in Eritrea, Paris and Singapore. He

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Made in Monmouthshire

Made in Monmouthshire Made in Monmouthshire celebrates the creative talents of local makers, the skills of local producers and their roles in keeping alive traditions

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Jantien Powell

Jantien Powell, Chapel Cottage Studio Jantien Powell is a local Artist with a varied portfolio of work including an exhibition on the Abergavenny Cattle Market

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