FESTIVAL DATES: 29th & 30th June 2019



Arts Festival

Abergavenny Arts Festival celebrates the arts in their broadest sense and aims to be as inspiring, inclusive and affordable as possible. The Festival will showcase amateur and professional artists from the vibrant local arts scene as well as inviting some exciting artists and art practitioners from further afield.


‘I’m thrilled to be a patron of Abergavenny Arts Festival - never before in my lifetime has it felt more urgent to foster enriching communal experiences, or to encourage new thinking and conversation through creativity and expression. That  Abergavenny Arts Festival is passionate about making these experiences as inclusive and accessible as possible is so important. It’s only by living, feeling, talking and thinking together that we can hope to create a more equal, sustainable and positive society. Festivals such as this, which aim to remove perceived barriers to engagement or enjoyment of the arts, are not only vital as part of that process, but also create year-round legacies that are all the richer for the embedding of this vision within their endeavour.’


- Prof. Owen Sheers

Author, poet, playwright and Professor in Creativity at Swansea University

About The Arts Festival 2019

The Abergavenny Arts Festival is being facilitated by the voluntary group Arts Abergavenny. It is supported by a growing network of artists, community groups, volunteers, businesses, sponsors and friends who are passionate about public education and participation in, and appreciation of, the arts in this area.

All proceeds will be reinvested in the next Festival and other arts-related activities and events throughout the year. The frequency of such activities and events will be decided by Arts Abergavenny with the support of the network.



WYPM Lloyd Mann
I am the Welsh Youth Parliament Member for Monmouthshire and attend King Henry VIII where I am a member of the school council. I am currently working with my fellow Welsh Youth Parliament Members on the three key issues that were voted highest in our debate in the Senedd. Our focus at the moment is the curriculum, where myself and other Youth Parliament members are dedicated to ensuring that the Arts are heavily included, creating a curriculum where creativity and expression are always encouraged.
The primary issues I am focusing on are the Curriculum, Mental Health and Well-being and future opportunities. The Abergavenny Arts Festival is something which can help tackle all of these. It is known that creativity and expressive freedom improves how one can function in education from examples such as the educational system in Finland. It is also known that the Arts has helped many people out of difficult Mental Health situations and is able to improve over Mental Well-being. Furthermore the Abergavenny Arts Festival will open many opportunities for young people to show off there own work and perhaps learn about new and local jobs. These reasons are exactly why I have chosen to be the Arts Festival Youth Ambassador”.


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The Festival

The Abergavenny Arts Festival is a celebration of all forms of art, including: painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, photography and much more. The festival will run from 29th & 30th June 2019

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