Cello Man - Perryn Butler

Perryn Butler

The passionate sculptor and dedicated innovator Perryn Butler has been interested in the art of chiselling stone and constructing slate into beautiful 3D forms ever since training at the Carmarthen College of Art for four years in the 80’s.

“I have a real affinity with stone; it vibrates for me, whether I cut it, carve it or wrap it,” explained Perryn. “For me the joy of shaping is that it is difficult – I relish the challenge and excitement of what is always a potentially dangerous journey. I have a deep spiritual connection both to the stone and with the land it comes from. I believe it is not a choice to be an artist, it is a compelling force”.

Carvings in Blue stone, an extremely hard granite from The Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, Perryn also produces limited edition designs using sand cast bronze, working intuitively to bring the true beauty of the material to the surface. As well as the UK, Perryn’s  sculptures are commissioned and collected internationally from as far as Thailand to the USA.”

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