Robert Harding

Robert Harding

I am, in the main, a collage artist and therefore I recycle and recontexturalise the stuff that surrounds me. However, I am rarely just satisfied with the serendipity that this presupposes and so I invariably have to fabricate or cast component parts for my sculptures. This means that my sculptures can often be created from hundreds of individual ‘bits’ but their joining is rarely acknowledged as welded seams or bolts tend to disrupt the way that the eye moves over a particular form. Learning the required craft skills and then partly hiding them is part of the joy of being such an artist.

Much of my current work is deliberately ambiguous and exhibits a sense of vulnerability, instability and fluidity. To achieve this I invariably set up contrasts in my work – both in terms of basic composition such as hard against soft, line against plane/volume, light against dark and more abstract issues such as sensuousness against aggression, complexity against simplicity, recognisable imagery/symbolism against pure geometry, control against accident, humour against seriousness etc.

Email: robertrharding@aol.com
Website: www.thewelshgroup-art.com/robertharding
Location: Llantrisant

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